AbleTrend Mobile Trading SoftwareAbleTrend Mobile (ATM)

AbleTrend Mobile (ATM) app provides trading signals of AbleTrend indicators for mobile phones and pads. It covers 15-min delayed the U.S. and global equity and futures markets. You may use ATM app to watch the trading signals anywhere and anytime.

What is AbleTrend?

AbleTrend trading signals are award winning and time tested. ATM includes AbleSys classic TS indicators. Also, it includes other trend-following indicators, such as STARC bands, MACD and Moving Average etc.

Currently most trading apps at market place are like a "quote" table - providing stock data information. ATM is different. It's designed to be simple and straight forward. It's right to the point providing two key information for users: (1) trend (market direction) and (2) key support/resistance. You will clearly know your positions right or wrong at anytime. It specifically tells when to buy or sell, when to exit, where to place stops, and guides you through the trades at any moment when you need help or advice. This is the major difference between our ATM and other trading apps.

ATM is a mobile app for Android OS 4.0 or above mobile devices - tablets or phones, such as Samsung, Motorola smart phones etc.

Features of ATM

  • Streaming AbleTrend signals

  • Unique "trend scale" indication for each symbol

  • Intraday, daily or weekly charts

  • Multi workspaces open - quick tracking your stock portfolio

  • Easy swipe workspaces

  • Easy swipe charts

  • 30-40 multi-charts simultaneously running

  • Signal alerts

  • Stock data included ($100/month value)

  • Turn key classic mobile app operations

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AbleTrend Mobile Workspaces

"Trend Scale" empowers you to see all of your market trends, and how strong the trends are at a glance. Blue indicates uptrend and red indicates down trend. When you open ATM, it will go to the first workspace directly. You may simultaneously open 4 or more workspaces, each workspace can hold up 15 charts, and each chart is a trading system (strategy). Workspaces are cloud-based, you can get anywhere and anytime with different devices. Easy swipe to change to another workspace. Touch the symbol, it will show up the trading chart.

There is no complicated manual needed for this app. everything is easy and straight forward. If you know how to use smart phone, you have no problem to learn the operations of this app.

Trading signal charts

AbleTrend Mobile Chart

Default trading signals of AbleTrend are automatically applied to each chart - buy/sell/stop/exit signals. You may change its time interval - 15, 30, 60, 120, 240-min, daily, weekly or monthly. You may change style of the chart (bar, candlestick or line), also change indicators.

ATM "Home" menu

AbleTrend Mobile Home Menu


AbleTrend Mobile Alert

If there is any alert, you will hear the alert sound, with one touch the alert icon on the top of your cell phone it will go to the chart.

For Apple's iOS, such as iPhone, iPad and Mac, our ATM app will come in the future.


"I am very pleased with AbleTrend Mobile. My business is such that from April till December, I am rarely able to be near a computer. I wait for the AbleTrend signals and place an order through my broker...all from the convenience of my phone. I also trade weekly options and never get into a trade till AbleTrend Mobile confirms on a daily and/or hourly basis, the direction I am trading. I would definitely recommend AbleTrend Mobile to anyone who loves to trade but the busyness everyday life keeps them from being able to sit in front of the screen all day." - Dave Wolski, Oswego

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