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AbleTrend identifies the trend direction by color: blue signals an UP trend, and red signals a DOWN trend. Green signals a sideways market.

Risk Management

Support and Resistance are indicated by blue and red dots for every bar. These points are dynamically calculated in real-time, so you'll always know when to stay in the position and when to get out. AbleTrend's risk management levels are designed to help you stay in the big move with minimum risk, without getting stopped out.

Proven & Dependable

Our system has proven itself through the toughest markets traders have ever seen.

Black Monday: October 1987
AbleTrend Trading Software black Monday chart
Dot Com Bubble Burst: 2000
AbleTrend Trading Software dotcom bubble chart
Financial Market Crash: 2008
AbleTrend Trading Software 2008 chart
AbleTrend Trading Software flash crash chart

AbleTrend is Timeless & Universal

You've seen how AbleTrend has protected traders against major market panics, but in today's increasingly complex financial system, you need a trading system that not only will keep up, but gets better through volatility.

And the only way that you can be sure a system will continue to thrive is if it is universal. Technological advances have erased any possible advantages achieved through "information arbitrage", and have introduced "High Frequency Trading". While this all sounds scary to the average investor, see how AbleTrend remarkably protected traders leading up to the first notable flash crash in May 2010.

AbleTrend Trading Software Scientific Research

Backed by 20 Years of Scientific Research

Our trading technology began development in 1989 by Dr. John Wang, Ph.D

"The markets I studied were far different from one another, but it seemed there was a common natural law behind the movement of all the markets. Unlike any of the previous models I had tested, this approach did not have any curve-fitting setbacks. It showed the market direction as it is, and at an early stage. It provided support and resistance levels that could be used for setting targets. It was also updated with every incoming tick in real time. I realized that I had just created an accurate measurement of the market -- one that works for any market and any time chart. I was thrilled." - Dr. John Wang, Ph.D

Stocks & Commodities Award for Trading Systems

Award-Winning Signals

Winner of Stocks & Commodities Magazine Readers' Choice Awards 28 years in a row.

Our buy and sell signals have helped thousands of traders like you achieve greater trading success. That's why our satisfied customers and readers of Stocks & Commodities Magazine have voted for AbleTrend as the Best Stock Trading System, Futures Trading System, and Options Trading System.

AbleTrend Trading Software 30-Day Trial

Thousands of traders like you chose to buy AbleTrend after first trying out the system. Try AbleTrend for yourself for 30 days, and if it doesn't make a world of difference in your trading, we'll give you a full money-back refund.

  • Full version of AbleTrend 8.0
  • Personal 1-on-1 trading consultation
  • Eight 30-minute private Q&A sessions
  • Access to Real-Time Data Modules including free broker supported feeds
  • Trial cost credited towards full software lease or purchase
  • Get your money back if you're not satisfied

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Intelligent Workspace Design

Never Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Never Lose Sight of the Big Picture

The best trades are those where the short term and long term trends agree. AbleTrend makes it easy for you to see the big picture and short term side by side.

See the Market Trend At-a-Glance

See the Market Trend At-a-Glance

AbleTrend can run over 30 workspaces at one time, and up to 40 charts per workspace. Configure your charts, then track & manage total portfolios at-a-glance. Plus, new to AbleTrend, Multi-Screen support. Pop out whole workspaces to view on your multi-monitor set up.

Trade with the Strong Hands

Trade with the Strong Hands

You can overlay indicators from any time frame and symbol onto other different charts. By overlaying weekly indicators onto a daily chart, we can see the long-term levels more clearly to help us with trading decisions.

Never Miss Another Opportunity

Never Miss Another Opportunity

AbleTrend's Autoscan feature can help you to dynamically monitor your watchlist for trades with a click of a button. When you've got a growing watch list, it is critical that you have a systematic process for keeping up with the incoming signals.

Created by Traders for Traders

Created by Traders for Traders

The buy & sell signals are the core of AbleTrend. With our intelligent workspace design, operating the software is simple and intuitive so you can focus on the signals, and not on operating the software.

Buy/Sell Confirmation with Ichimoku Cloud

Buy/Sell Confirmation with Ichimoku Cloud

New in AbleTrend, seamlessly combine AbleTrend with Ichimoku analysis. Combined with AbleTrend Signature Guidance Charts, you can achieve four levels of trend confirmation, with entry, exit and trade management signals.

Real-Time Streaming Data Connections

AbleTrend is tied-in to pull live data for stocks & futures from the top data vendors, and broker supported feeds. Check the data feeds information page to see if you have access to one of the supported feeds. *Plus, new to AbleTrend 8, connect with multiple data sources simultaneously.

We also offer the AbleTrend trading system as an add-on for TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and eSignal

1-on-1 Personalized Support

AbleTrend Trading Software Support

Our team personally guides every one of our customers step-by-step, so you can get started trading today.

"I just want to take time and thank each of you for all your roles to make Ablesys a success for your valued clients. I am so appreciative of the support I have received from each of you over the last several years. I am so appreciative of the training video's on the web that I review daily." - Mike Werner, AZ

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