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What is the Sweet Spot?

CSX chart

The elusive sweet spot is the secret to finding great trade setups that can win big.

Wintick Systematically Finds Trade Setups Like This

Here we can see a classic sweet spot that showed up on our list after Brexit toward the end of June.

  1. Wintick colors the price bars blue to signify the uptrend
  2. The little dots below mark the key testing point that prices need to stay above in order to remain strong

What's the biggest risk in investing? Not having an exit strategy. Wintick begins with the exit strategy, and is based on identifying key testing points where stocks are in make or break territory.

That means the trade setup is either validated by a big gain, or it is quickly invalidated for a clear and manageable loss.

Compare this to the opposite when you've been strung along by your investments & you're told to endure "short term pain for long term gain".

Sweet Spot stocks are ones that should go now, or we don't want them at all & if we get a break in the accompanying stop, we can exit with confidence.

CXW chart

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