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Bear Market of 2022

Bear Market 2022

Black Monday, 1987. Sell signal given 10 days ahead 10/19/1987

AbleTrend Trading Software 1987 chart

"911" of 2001, Sell signal given one month ahead

AbleTrend Trading Software 2001 chart

Financial Crisis 2008. Sell signal given 9/4/2008

AbleTrend Trading Software 2008 chart

"As this past ten months of financial crisis spread, many people have lost between 25 -80% of their equity holdings. I am pleased to say that I have preserved ALL my capital and also my clients' capital. In many instances, my clients place their life savings with me and entrust me to preserve their investments. Using the Ablesys trading software, I have been guided to stay out of the market since December of 2007. Both weekly and monthly charts of AbleSys software gave specific sell signals long before the crisis happened. It did not require any complex interpretation; it simply and graphically demonstrated the downtrend. My clients and I are indeed grateful to Ablesys for assisting in preserving our life savings." - Dr. HARVEY J SAFF, Pompano Beach, FL

AIG: Sell signal given more than one year ahead

AbleTrend Trading Software AIG 2008 chart

Crude Oil Trades in Last 5 Years

AbleTrend Trading Software Crude Oil chart

AbleTrend sell signal on 7/27/2011. 2 weeks ahead of market turmoil.

AbleTrend Trading Software Dow Jones 2011 chart